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Since September 2010, Asia University (AU) has established a Chinese Language Center (CLC) to coordinate the internationalization and recruiting of international and exchange students. The mission of the Chinese Language Center (CLC) is to provide the best quality of Chinese language courses and a learning environment which promotes Chinese culture to AU's foreign students and overseas exchange students.

Asia University’s CLC designed Chinese courses are graded in accordance with The Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) for foreign students. Foreign students can choose suitable courses based on the score of their Chinese Placement Exams; CLC also promotes an engaging Summer School which incorporates summer vacation programs every year. We can enhance collectively the Chinese learning interests of foreign students through our Chinese courses. Cultural learning modules and the shared experiences of the students during summer vacations are documented in order to expose the beauty of Taiwan on an international academic stage.

In addition to Chinese Language Courses, CLC also holds many different cultural experience events such as the Chinese (lunar) New Year. Dragon boat festival, Moon Festival, calligraphy and aboriginal culture etc. There are many other additional events and interesting contests including singing and board games which will help to encourage foreign students to use what they learn in their recreational time to improve and increase their pleasure and effectiveness in regards to studying Chinese.

AU CLC is dedicated to cultivating an improved environment to raise the Chinese language ability of foreign students. Enrollment of students from AU's affiliated schools abroad and appealing to more foreigners to come and learn Chinese in AU.

AU CLC will devote more time and effort by offering overseas students Chinese language courses. AU is currently coordinating Chinese teacher training which will promote Taiwan’s Chinese language education to the world stage in the future.