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Living in School


1.Off-campus rental safety:

(1)Once you have decided to rent, request the landlord to issue a receipt when paying your deposit. The receipt should include:

Rental address, landlord name, deposit amount, period of rental, and date of deposit payment.

(2)A deposit is optimally 1/10 of rental price (if rent is less than 10,000 NTD, less than 1000 NTD deposit is optimal) to avoid regretting your rental and having your deposit taken by the landlord.

2.Early termination of rental contract:

Rent and deposit can be refunded for early termination but an early termination fee must be paid. Termination fee: civil law clause 252 states that termination fees that are too high can be reduced to a reasonable amount in court. Two months is reasonable.

3.The deposit is returned once rental term is fulfilled, but:

(1)The tenant has the obligation torestore the unit to originalconditions”.

(2)The  landlord  can  state  deposit  “deductibles”  such  as  water, electricity, and repair bills.

4. Legal consultation:

(1)Tsuei Ma Ma Foundation→consultation number:(02)23658140

(2)Taichung City Legal Services→(04)22289111 ext 23610, 23611。

5.     Ways to resolve conflicts:

(1)    University teachers 04-23323456 ext 6296

(2)    Wufeng District Office Mediating Committee

6.     Dormitory network related:

‧宿舍 - 學生宿舍網路使用簡易說明A simple description of how to use the dormitory network

‧宿舍 - 快速的網路註冊及維修通報Quickly complete the Network Register and Maintenance Application

‧宿舍 - 我的電腦無法連接到網路註冊系統?My computer can not connect the “Network Registration System”

‧宿舍 - 我的電腦不能連上網路怎麼辦?My computer can not connect Internet, what can I do?

‧宿舍 - 我的電腦突然出現「阻斷通知」My computer have “The blocked notification" web page