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Special Features of the Curriculum

Course Grading
The Chinese language courses are based on the European Common Reference Framework Indicator (CEFR) which upon grading individual's Chinese class. 
This monitors every international student’s level of Chinese learning ability.

Professional teachers
The teachers are equipped with professional knowledge on how to understand and perform educational strategies in regards to Chinese language teachings which will  provide a high-quality Chinese language teaching module for all overseas students.

Teaching in Small classes
The center is aimed towards a small class size which facilitates the students with an advanced opportunity to improve their Chinese abilities.

 Innovative Teaching Way
Using modern technology to innovate teaching methods and provide a digital learning environment in the classroom.

 Partner Learning program
The Center arranges one-on-one sessions for students (local and overseas)  to provide  information and support them with student life. Like a language exchange so to speak.

Multicultural experience activities
The center organizes cultural experience activities to provide overseas students with an incentive based mechanism for  a "Taiwan Culture Passport". This encourages each student’s participation within each of the planned activities. With an intimate insight to local life and cultural traditions this can easily be cultivated as cross-cultural knowledge and improved communication skills.